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AG Reyes Urges Biden Administration to Stop Dangerous Opioid Mail-Back Program 

Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes and 12 other states recently signed and sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) protesting President Biden’s reckless USPS opioid mail-back program. 

The letter argues, “As law enforcement officials, we must confront this challenge head on. In doing so, we must use mitigation strategies that provide real solutions. To the greatest extent possible, these solutions should not leave room for increasing numbers of illegal opioids to be distributed on the streets and infiltrate our communities.” 

The attorneys general favor using in-home disposal products that quickly remove unused drugs without putting anyone at risk. Studies show that combining education with in-home disposal products can increase proper opioid removal by 92%. Currently, only 10% of patients dispose of unused prescriptions properly. 

Utah joined South Carolina on this letter, along with Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, and North Dakota.  

You can read the full letter here

AG Reyes joins 25 states opposing President Biden’s attack on gas-powered vehicles

Today, Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes joined the challenge to the Biden Administration’s most radical tailpipe emissions regulations yet. The President’s plan would forcibly phase out gas-powered vehicles and restructure the automobile industry around electric vehicles (EVs) at an accelerated pace. This draconian proposal aims to increase certain EV sales from 8.4% to 67% by 2032.

Utah is one of 25 state attorneys general who signed the letter opposing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plan, arguing the move would damage our economy, undermine electrical grid reliability, tax families and businesses, and threaten our national security. 

The states argue that the aggressive shift to EVs is counterproductive and misguided. America’s power grids lack the capacity to accommodate the proposed rule’s heightened demands and are nowhere near secure enough to handle them safely. The EPA’s plan hinders American energy independence and makes the country less secure.

The attorneys general highlight how the Biden Administration’s fast-and-furious approach to electrification will have devastating consequences for the automotive supply chain. America would be weaker and more dependent on foreign adversaries such as China, which supplies many minerals needed for electric vehicles.

The average EV sold for $61,448 in 2022. Now is not the time for the federal government to significantly complicate the car manufacturing process and raise the average price. Today, consumers experience record inflation, historic gasoline prices, and high utility bills. Since President Biden took office, food prices have been up 18% and energy prices are over 37%. Further, home prices have risen more than 27% in three years. Even if consumers wanted EVs, many couldn’t afford them.

The letter is led by Kentucky Attorney General Cameron and West Virginia Attorney General Morrisey. Also joining are Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Read the letter here.