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Sean D. Reyes
Utah Office of the Attorney General
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Utah AG Reyes Statement on the Attack in Nice, France

SALT LAKE CITY July 15, 2016 – Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes released the following statement regarding the attack in Nice, France:

“As we have done far too many times in the recent past, we express our sadness and solidarity for our brothers and sisters across the world. We denounce the cowardly and barbaric attack in Nice, France that took so many innocent lives tonight. Whether or not the perpetrator was affiliated with a known terrorist group, this unthinkable attack was nothing short of an act of terrorism.

“Such tragedies remind us how difficult it is to protect our own communities.  Like those law enforcement officers in France who prevented even further mayhem and carnage, we thank dedicated law enforcement officers locally and nationally for their constant efforts to keep us safe from similar threats.

“May God bless the people of France and the families of victims with His peace and comfort.”