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Thomas Edward Egley Convicted and Sentenced Today for the Murder of Loretta Jones in 1970

Price, Utah  November 22, 2016 – In cooperation with the Carbon County Attorney’s Office, the Utah Attorney General’s Office announces the conviction of Thomas Edward Egley for the murder of Loretta Jones on or about July 30, 1970. In 2009, Sergeant David Brewer with the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office reopened the case at the request of family members of the victim. Sergeant Brewer’s investigation led to Egley’s confession to stabbing Jones and slashing her throat for refusing his sexual advances, leaving her to be discovered by her 4-year-old daughter Heidi Jones-Asay, the next morning. Egley was sentenced to prison for a term of 10 years to life.

“We’re grateful that Sergeant Brewer was willing to reopen the case and for the excellent work by the Carbon County investigators to solve this 46-year-old murder,” said Attorney General Sean Reyes. “After a lifetime of uncertainty, I am hopeful that this conviction and sentence to prison brings some measure of closure to those who have suffered the most from her loss.”

Carbon County Attorney Gene Strate remarked, “The community of Carbon County has been seeking justice for Loretta’s brutal murder for a very long time, particularly the victim’s daughter who was four years old when she discovered her mother’s body. The defendant’s prison sentence brings solace in knowing Loretta Jones’s family will have the justice they so rightfully deserve. Sergeant Brewer and Detective Hendricks from the Carbon County Sheriff’s office should be commended for their efforts.”

“I always knew the name and face of the man who killed my mom, I always knew it was Tom,” said Heidi Jones-Asay. “I knew one day I would see Tom again.” 

“This was a heinous and brutal murder, and 46 years should not mitigate a recommendation of prison,” said Assistant Attorney General Gregory Ferbrache.

The conviction is the culmination of nearly seven years of dedicated investigation on the cold case by Carbon County investigators, nearly 46 years after the events occurred.  The prosecution team consisted of Carbon County Attorney Gene Strate, Deputy County Attorney Jeremy Humes, Assistant Attorney’s General Gregory Ferbrache, Shelley Coudreaut and Russell Smith.