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Celebrating Susan B. Anthony

February 15, 2020

This week, Utahns across the state celebrated several historically significant events in the state’s suffrage movement. From the 150th anniversary of the Utah Territorial legislature granting women voting rights to the first woman casting a vote under equal suffrage law, we have recognized many women in Utah’s history that have contributed to the movement towards equal rights for women.

Today, we recognize and honor one of the most renowned advocates and leaders in the women’s suffrage movement: Susan B. Anthony. Anthony was a passionate activist for justice and emancipation of slaves as she devoted her life to working towards social equality for all.

Even after her death, Anthony’s tenacity and courage paved the way for the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. Today, her legacy resonates through our nation as we continue to strive for social justice and equality for all.

Better Days 2020 unveils new license plate, AG Reyes applauds their efforts

Did you know?

Utah was the first place where women could vote in the modern nation and helped lead the nation in advocating for women’s right. 

Better Days 2020, a Utahn non-profit, is dedicated to making sure that message is known state-wide. Utah Attorney General Sean D. Reyes, a member of their Advisory Board, took time to celebrate all that they’ve done and will continue to do for Utah. 

“What I love about Better Days…is they are about just reminding us of our history and letting young women today and senior women just have their chance to show what they can do.”
– Attorney General Reyes

Better Days 2020 has a comprehensive plan to raise awareness and advocate for women in civic leadership roles within the state of Utah. This last legislative session, they helped pass a bill to move the statue of Martha Hughes Cannon to the U.S. Capitol building as one of two representative statues for the state. This fall they introduced a curriculum for 4th-7th graders to introduce them to Utah’s role in woman’s suffrage. 

Today they unveiled a new Women’s Suffrage Recognition plate now available from the Utah DMV.

“What better way to get the message out than on the back of a car…and take that message across state lines?”  – Neylan McBaine, Better Days 2020 CEO

Watch the whole press conference below: